CPR First Aid also distributes first aid supplies.

Please see below for first aid kits and AED products.

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Defibrillator Products

Melbourne First Aid is an Authorised Distributor of the HeartSine Defibrillator products (distributor no. 2153)

Product List
SAM350P Brochure - $2195 (Plus P&H)
SAM360P Brochure - $2195 (Plus P&H)
SAM500P Brochure - $2695 (Plus P&H)

CPR First Aid now has it's own range of first aid kits.

Ask us for a formal quote.

We also sell Survival brand workplace compliant kits and car kits.

Small Orange - Voyager Car/Home Kit - $29.95 (Plus P&H)

Large White - Responder Workplace Kit - $92.95 (Plus P&H)