Terms & Conditions

1.    Confirmation of Booking

(a)   All pricing is in Australian dollars (AUD).
(b)   Course payment must be received at the time of booking, or within five (5) working days of booking.
(c)   If you are booking into a class to be held within five (5) working days, payment must be received within 24 hours of booking. A workplace Purchase Order Number carrying an ABN is recognised as payment received.
(d)   Your name will appear on the course wait list until payment is received, and will be moved into the class list once your payment is received.
(e)   Confirmation of your booking will be sent to you via email which will include your tax invoice. You need to check the spelling of your name or the names of the enrolled participants on the attached invoice. If they are incorrect, you have to respond to the email with the correct spelling as soon as possible before your practical session so that CPR First Aid can prepare your certificate accurately. Correcting the spelling and posting a new certificate after your class will attract a $35.00 administration fee (GST inclusive) if we are not notified within 24 hours before the class.     
(f)     Payment can be made through our website using only Visa or MasterCard credit cards, or via electronic funds transfer into the CPR First Aid bank account (please quote your invoice number). Alternatively, we can take payment over the phone using Visa or MasterCard. We cannot take payment in cash or at our office or on the day of training at the training venue.

2.    Withdrawals & Transfers

(a)    You may transfer your enrolment into another practical session subject to the following conditions:
a.1    You provide us with at least five (5) working days written notice.
a.2    There is a vacancy in the session that you would like to attend.
a.3    Your first transfer (48 hours before the class) is free of charge. Subsequent transfers incur a Transfer Fee of $35 or you can choose to re-enrol instead for courses that cost less than $35.
a.4    Course fees cannot be refunded once you transfer your enrolment to another practical session.
a.5    Certificates will be withheld until all Transfer Fees have been paid.
(b)     Participants that do not attend their scheduled course will forfeit all payments.
(c)    CPR First Aid does not allow students to shift their courses on the day of the practical training e.g. from Level 1 to Level 2 First Aid. 
(d)    Should a client transfer to another class date or location CPR First Aid can invoice for the difference if the cost is higher at the new location.  We will not refund the difference for classes that are listed as a lower amount at a different date and/or location.

3.    Withdrawals & Refunds

(a)    CPR First Aid is unable to refund you of your course fees if:
a.1 You change your mind due to any reason;
a.2 You had to leave the class and cannot complete the course due to any reason;
a.3 You were late to your designated practical session from class start time or from a lunch or dinner break and your trainer did not   allow you to attend the session; and/or
a.4 You did not show proof that you have completed the pre-study component and your trainer did not let you into the class.
(b)      For cancelled classes, if a participant declines the offer of a transfer, they will be refunded their course fees minus an Administration Fee equivalent to 50% of the course fees.
(c)    No refund will be issued after transferring your enrolment to another session.
(d)    Refunds will be issued by electronic funds transfer into the account that payment was made from. Participants may need to provide their bank account details for the transfer.
(e)    Refunds will be made within 14 days of receiving the written request.
(f)     CPR First Aid reserves the right to change prices for any given class.  Differences in pricing will not be refunded for classes that have been lowered since the time of booking.

4.    Course/Class Cancellation Policy

(a)    CPR First Aid may cancel a class due to small numbers.
(b)    CPR First Aid may cancel a practical session due to unforeseen circumstances, such as damage to the training venue.
(c)    If a practical session is cancelled, the enrolled participants will be offered a transfer into another session at no extra charge.
(d)    If there are no suitable sessions available, enrolled participants will be offered a full refund.

5.    Access to Training Records

(a)    We can provide you with access to your training records. Please make a written request to the Training Manager at CPR First Aid via email at admin@cprfirstaid.com.au.
(b)    CPR First Aid may provide further copies of your certificate; however each copy will attract an administration fee of $35.00 per copy.

6.    Incompletion of Practical Session

(a)    If you attend the practical session but need to leave due illness, CPR First Aid will offer you a transfer into another practical session at no additional fee.
(b)    Classes will take breaks during the day for lunch or dinner.  If you leave the building and fail to return to the classroom by the time resumption of training, the trainer has the right to refuse you entry to the classroom.  In this case, you will not be able to be assessed in your enrolled class; you will not receive your Statement of Attainment on the day and you would have to rebook and repay for another class.
(c)    CPR First Aid reserves the right to ask students who fails the Literacy and Numeracy Test, which will be conducted at the start of the class, to leave the class as they may not be able to comprehend the class. They will be offered an option to complete the course which may incur an additional cost. If the student declines the offer, CPR First Aid will refund him or her of the fee that he or she has paid for the course.

7.   Incompletion of Online Theory

(a)    CPR First Aid advises that the online theory must be completed prior to attending the practical session as this is a requisite for the practical course. If you have not completed the theory prior to the course, you will not be allowed to attend the training session and all monies paid will be forfeited.
(b)    Completed theory User Report from our online training portal should be submitted to your trainer on the day of the class to serve as evidence that you have completed and passed the required theory component.
(c)    If you attend the practical session but were unable to show proof that you have completed the online theory prior to the session as stated on Section 7.b, the trainer will deny you entry to the class and you will forfeit all fees and need to rebook and repay for another course.
(d)   In order to pass the required theory component, all the questions must be answered correctly.  
(e)   Students who choose to complete the theory component through CPR First Aid's online training portal will not be given a limit as to how many times they can re-attempt to answer all the modules correctly.
(e)   Completion of the on-line theory is part of your formal assessment.  The trainer may re-assess you on some of the content in the practical session.  If the trainer suspects that this is not your own work, they may withhold your Statement of Attainment until they are satisified that you know the theoretical component of first aid.

8.    Copyright Notice

All materials, study aid, forms and associated information that prospective and enrolled participants encounter in their dealings with CPR First Aid remain the property of CPR First Aid.