Why come to Melbourne First Aid?

Melbourne First Aid understands that the secret to effective training is to engage students in dynamic courses and equip them with high-quality training aids.

We provide one CPR manikin per person for the entire practical session.  We give the participants the opportunity to work with adult, child and infant manikins to gain a thorough understanding of CPR.

  • Each participant receives:
  •  - an A4 certificate;
  •  - a CPR faceshield, and;
  •  - a personalised first aid reminder card.

When delivering training at your worksite, we can tailor our courses to suit the requirements of your workplace by spending more time on relevant topics. For instance, we might emphasise the first aid aspects of bleeds and crushes at an industrial site.

Melbourne First Aid limits the class size for the following reasons:

  •  - It keeps the sessions informal and fun.
  •  - The trainers can give attention to every student, not just a handful.
  •  - It provides a secure environment where students can gain confidence in their abilities.

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